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Life Science Microscope Slides

Amount: $4,792 | Year: 2023 | School: ,

These materials give middle and high school students opportunities to discover various microscopic organisms and cells to help them understand cell structure and function. Students have hands-on learning opportunities that increase engagement in their life science courses.

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Trout in the Classroom Program

Year: 2023 | School:

This program will encourage students to make a connection with their environment and foster engagement with hands-on, community based learning. High school students will be responsible for raising trout from eggs to young adults, before releasing them into Seely’s Pond within the Watchung Reservation.

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State-of-the-Art Wi-Fi Microscope Cameras

Amount: $6,804 | Year: 2023 |

With a Wi-Fi capable digital microscope, students solidify their traditional microscope skills while simultaneously viewing highly magnified images and videos directly on their iPad. These microscopes will give the high school biology students the added level of sophistication to work collaboratively and to critically analyze specimens.

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Phase II: Using Drones to Teach Program and Problem Solving

Amount: $5,450 | Year: 2023 | School:

This project provides updated drone technology and software with state-of-the-art features to the STEM department programming and computer sciences courses. With these advanced drones, students will be able to program using Python coding, learn multidisciplinary lessons in physics, statistics, engineering and math, and engage in collaborative learning with multi-robot play competitions and challenges.

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PLT4M Implementation

Amount: $3,000 | Year: 2023 | School:

PLT4M supports PE departments and athletics with 30 unique lifetime fitness curriculums. The program gives students a foundation program to master basic human movements, the opportunity to build strength through workouts with targeted training and tools to develop lifelong fitness skills.

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