Grants in Action

Stage Floor Up Grade

Amount: $6,400 | Year: 2017 | School:

Over the past several years, with the help of the NPEF, the lighting console, upgraded sound system and overhead rigging have all dramatically improved the technical capabilities of our auditorium. This current proposal will remove the existing floor panels and replace them with all new flooring on and off stage.

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Biomedical Engineering at the Liberty Science Center

Amount: $1,934 | Year: 2017 | School:

From a theatre at LSC, students gaze through a video conference “window” into the operating room and converse with doctors from the first incision to the last suture. During this time, LSC facilitators move among students in the theatre-shaping conversation, structuring questions and passing around models of human organs under discussion.

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Putting an ‘A’ into the STEM of Biomedical Engineering

Amount: $1,963 | Year: 2017 | School:

The purchase of 15 Scribbler 3D pens exposes students in the engineering design process and the integral part prototyping plays in this process. These pens introduce students to the concepts of tissue engineering and synthetic organs. They also allow students to design their own solutions to biomedical engineering problems.

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FLIR One and LabQuest Stream

Amount: $2,795 | Year: 2017 | School:

Using FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) ONE cameras along with a free Thermal Analysis App, students can observe temperature changes on the skin, illustrate convection, track heating due to friction, compare heat convection, analyze the transparency of material and much more. In addition, 6 Vernier LabQuest Streams will be purchased to interface with existing probes, sensors […]

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Oh, the Places You’ll go…A College Fair

Amount: $750 | Year: 2017 | School:

This grant enables the New Providence Guidance Department to host a college fair, with the goal of bringing 100 college representatives to New Providence, which will increase the exposure of our students to a more varied group of colleges and universities.

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