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Flying High

Amount: $923 | Year: 2023 | School:

This grant brings drone technology to elementary school classrooms. Students will get exposure to hand-on content creation, editing and analysis using drone photography and video production.

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Ping Pong Tables

Amount: $1,424 | Year: 2023 | School:

The middle school ping pong club brings together students in small groups to learn the game and compete in tournaments. This grant supplies additional tables for more students to participate.

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Amount: $17,059 | Year: 2023 | School: ,

Elite Gaming Live (EGL) is an esports platform that delivers an esports league that is fun, competitive, and inspiring for students who admire or want to pursue a career in video game development. Both high school and middle school students will have the opportunity to participate in this growing industry that promotes student engagement, critical […]

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Microphones for Science Videos and Podcasts

Amount: $3,216 | Year: 2023 | School:

These high-quality microphones will give middle school science students the opportunity to engage in topics such as climate change, genetics, and EM wave technology. Students will use the new technology to create high quality videos that can then be used as educational resources by their peers.

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